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Services for Property Owners

“Poipu365 exceeds all expectations!”

At Poipu365 we treasure your Kauai home as much as our own! Poipu 365 values property owners’ time and resources as partners in this unique relationship. Poipu365 teams with owners in celebrating success,  addressing challenges with a background of experience, while valuing your time and expenditures.  At Poipu365 we start at the top and work up!

Poipu365 Provides:

  • All personnel necessary to accomplish guest check-in and check-out, key services, bookkeeping services, collection and refund of security deposits and on-site inspections of Unit both preceding and following occupancy.
  • Cleaning services and ordinary housekeeping operations upon departure of each guest and maid service as requested by Owner or guest.
  • Regular general cleans and spring cleans as deemed necessary by owners and management.
  • Regular maintenance such as carpet or upholstery cleaning, laundry of drapes or blinds, window cleaning, power washing of concrete drives and walkways, landscaping maintenance, pool cleaning, air-conditioning maintenance, appliance repair.
  • Separate accounting records of all receipts, expenditures, disbursements and reservations regarding the operations of the property
  • Monthly statements of record provided by the 10th of each month
  • Services as a liaison between Owner and any guest who may make a claim or have a dispute with Owner, and assist in negotiating the resolution of any such claim or dispute.
  • Poipu365 loves and cares for your home like it’s our own!

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