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Vicki Agor

Vicki Agor, Owner and Manager of Poipu365 – Poipu Beach Rentals & Real Estate Specialist

About Poipu365 Vacation Homes

“We had a great vacation and Vicki was easy to deal with and so friendly. Our Poipu Beach vacation home was just perfect. Thanks Poipu365!” Jim and Nancy

High school in southwest Illinois, college in St. Louis and Honolulu, married and raised three boys on Kauai–that’s it, the abbreviated version of my life!  Hi, I’m Vicki Agor, proud owner and principal broker of Poipu365.  After a 24 year successful career in the Kauai vacation rental and real estate  industry, a unique opportunity arose and with much preparation and lots of love and patience from family and friends, Poipu365 has been created.  Whether it be an exceptional Poipu vacation or the perfect gem of Poipu, Kauai real estate, please call me, I’d love to hear from you!