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Kauai Beach Guide

kauaibeachguideWhile known for its impressive cliffs, canyons and rainforests, Kauai also has some of Hawaii’s most picturesque white sand beaches.  Miles of white sand surround Kauai and we have no doubt you will spend some of your Kauai vacation exploring some of these beaches.  We recommend that you use an app like the Kauai Beach Guide, to help you choose, find and enjoy the beaches that are most suitable to you.  The Kauai Beach Guide App is available on the iTunes app store for just 99 cents.  This comprehensive Kauai Beach Guide has a fully interactive GPS-enabled map, filtered searches, detailed beach information and up-to-date ocean and weather reports – making it a simple, quick and stress-free way to find and enjoy Kauai’s Beaches.  Get the Kauai Beach Guide App here.

kauaibeachexplorerKauai Explorer is another great website with Kauai beach and condition information.  We hope you will use the following resources to keep you safe while you exploring Kauai’s beaches.